"Wishing Well - Looking where the wishes have gone." Photo 106 Week 106 by Anita Hayman
"Wave Watching - A child sits watching and, waiting for the waves to reach him." Photo 105 Week 105 by Anita Hayman
"Snow Owl" Photo 103 Week 103 by UNKNOWN
"The Highs and the Lows - A rider takes a tumble at the Winchester Rodeo in New Zealand." Photo 102 Week 102 by Marie Adamson
"When Fairies Dream - Inside a Dandelion, showing the seed pods, ready to be carried away on the breeze." Photo 101 Week 101 by Marie Adamson
"The Unforgiving Mountains - A view of the mountains, from Balmoral High Country Station, near Tekapo, New Zealand." Photo 100 Week 100 Marie Adamson
"Fill er up, Joe - Classic cars, and service station, at Burkes Pass New Zealand." Photo 99 Week 99 by Marie Adamson
"MSC- Container Ship berthed at Prime Port Timaru" Photo 98 Week 98 by Mario Oostendorp
"September Fog - A foggy morning at the botanic gardens, Timaru, New Zealand" Photo 97 Week 97 by Marie Adamson
Photo 365 Day 365 Project Three-Six-Five. Back home © Charles III London. |
Photo 364 Day 364 Project Three-Six-Five. 5:46am; Heatrow terminal 4 © Charles III London. |
Photo 363 Day 363 Project Three-Six-Five. Birmingham Union Street © Charles III London. |
Photo 362 Day 362 Project Three-Six-Five. The Heights, Birmingham © Charles III London. |
"Tree in the fog - Sunrise on Lake Wanaka, Central Otago, New Zealand. Taken at sunrise and at the same time the fog was rolling in engulfing the lake and the mountains" Photo 96 Week 96 by Mario Oostendorp
Photo 361 Day 361 Project Three-Six-Five. Birmingham high street © Charles III London. |